Remarks by Shirin Khosraviani, Manager | Curator,  Ashburton Art Gallery, about Artweek 2021:

Kia ora koutou katoa,

Thank you for this wonderful honour to judge the 40th annual Darfield Artweek. I wish to congratulate you on this fantastic exhibition and your anniversary. What an incredible milestone to reach. It’s wonderful to see a community invested in supporting the arts and their artists with such passion and drive.

Simone and I had a wonderful time judging the awards which is never an easy task – we had a good few debates. We also enjoyed seeing the exhibitions team in action, working hard to put the final touches on the show. It’s no easy task to hang, and give justice to 351 works of art. I want to give special acknowledgement to Meg, Robin, Lorraine, Katrina, Sylvia and the rest of the crew who have put in the hard yards to get the show to Opening Night.


Of course, none of this would be possible without the artists that create the works for us to judge and critique. I wish to congratulate you all on taking part and putting your work forward. I encourage you all to continue making art. It is only through practice that we grow and learn.

MCAC Premier Award 

“Echoes”      Henry Turner

A stirring and somewhat unexpected painting. This work is an outstanding example of imagination and careful use of technique. I really enjoyed spending time looking and discovering some hidden details. There is plenty to explore in the mark-making and the potential narrative, and one is left to meander and get lost in the imagery. Above all this artist has left a lasting impression on me, as I have been thinking about this painting since I saw it here yesterday afternoon.

Buddle Finlay Award


“Playtime 2”      Annika Maenpaa

Inspired use of digital technology. The work is striking in its simplified form and colour. As a work of art it captures the right balance of proportions and drawing technique. It’s also whimsical and fun.


Friends of MCAC Award
(sponsored by Dee & Gerald Innes and
Meg & Jum Morten)

“In the Garden Shed”       Mitsuyo Field


The award goes to a serene and delicate, classic beauty. The work is a brilliant example of watercolour at its finest and the artist has demonstrated a love for the medium by being restrained and celebrating the subject matter. I also appreciated the scale of this work in relation to the subject. Overall it was beautifully resolved.

Playtime 2.jpg

Selwyn Creative Network Award​

“Window to the Soul”      Justine Woosnam

This small work was competing with another one for my attention, but on closer inspection it became clear that it was an outstanding piece deserving of recognition. It has excellent formal qualities and the artists has perfect control over their chosen medium.

In the garden shade Misuyo Field.jpg

SURVUS Consultants Award

“Sentinels”  Karin Werner


This artist has a brilliant handle on light and capturing the mood of subject matter. The work has presence without being overbearing. It shows off the artists’ refined skill set and is a well-balanced composition.

Drawing Room Merit Award

“The Apple”      Judy Kleis


This little drawing caught my eye instantly and I was drawn to its simple execution. It is compositionally strong, has great balance and is very absorbing.

Malvern Business Merit Award

“Daisy Chain”      Angus Goodwin


I admired the workmanship and the ability of this artist. The design of this piece, along with the pairing of pearl and silver really held together. It’s charming and I’m sure will be beautiful to wear.

Lumino the Dentist Award

“Nero Fern Copper”        Daniel Pye​

Intricate and detailed, this work evokes tranquility and the sense of wonder. I really enjoyed looking up and being underneath this piece. It was a nice change in perspective and it worked to calm me down and allowed me space to contemplate the chaos of my day. As an artwork, I appreciate the subtle detailing and refined aesthetics.


Tavendale & Partner Award

“Free Spirit”       Christine Maynard


I’m typically not very kind to abstract work, as, I must admit, I see a lot of them around. This work through, hit the right note with me. It has a good balanced palette and the energetic gestures are perfectly layered. It holds together well and is a resolved work of art.

Malvern Business Merit Award

“Calm”      Neela Curran


A little gem that packs a punch. Excellent control of colour and the watercolour medium.

Malvern Business Merit Award

“Wedding Cake Knife”      Andrew Lyons


Well-crafted and finished object which carries the potential for warm sentimentality. It has a beautiful finish and treatment. Very interesting use of scale.

Malvern Business Merit Award

“Stitch Mandalas”      Brenda Visser

This work has meticulous design and has been created with care. The artists employed good use of colour and form.

Malvern Business Merit Award

“The New Home”      Jessica Waters


This sweet little work caught me by surprise. The level of detail was well-suited to the subject matter and I appreciated the skilled use of the media.