Remarks by Fiona Simpson, Art Curator at Lincoln University, about Artweek 2019:

“I'd like to congratulate all the entrants on the high calibre of artwork in this exhibition. I was impressed with the great range of media and subject matter included. The nine artworks I allocated awards to are personal favourites and I don't doubt another judge could select a completely different nine. However, these works stand out for me for their mastery of their chosen medium and aesthetic success.

Orion Premier Award

“Chrysanthemum & Quinces”   Soon-Lee Spicer

Reminiscent of traditional Japanese woodcuts, this exquisitely rendered still-life is a beautiful example of the medium.

Darfield Dental Award

“Interior No. 2”  Gavin Chai

This small yet sophisticated work draws the viewer in with subtle colours and a strong composition.

Merit Award

“Abel Tasman”  John Maillard

By reducing the landscape to its most essential elements, this photograph successfully evokes a subtle, sombre mood with good use of negative and positive space.

Merit Award

“Autumn Vines, Cromwell”  Philip Beadle

This autumnal representation evokes rather than describes the landscape, allowing the artist's personal vision of the land to shine through.

Local Businesses Award


“Yellow Arches"   Henry Turner

Careful consideration of subject matter, and a refined composition are the strengths of this work, allowing the narrative to remain open to interpretation.

MCAC Friends Award

"Jar"  David Atkinson

Subtle colouring, significant form and striking salt glaze successfully combine to create a very elegant sculptural work.

Survus Consultants Award

“Spring Snow”  Steve James

In the tradition of Canterbury landscape painters such as Archibald Nicoll and AA Deans, this work has an appealing composition and captures the spirit of the land.


Merit Award

“Willow/Sea Grass Basket”  Helen Stevenson

This artist allows the existing sculptural elements of the materials to dictate the form of the basket, creating a natural beauty with subtle gradations in colour.

IMAGE still to be added

Merit Award

“A Splash of Yellow”  Jan Mitchell

Through the skillful application of apint and a pleasing composition, the artist has created an engaging and delightful work.

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