Te Huanui’s November exhibition “Feathered Friends” showcases the finely tuned skills of Mark Duggan, Blanche Fryer, Tricia Hewlett, David Lloyd, Janie Porter and Henry Turner across their chosen mediums. Opening from 6pm, Friday, 30 October, “Feathered Friends” runs until Thursday, 26 November. 

Mark Duggan’s career as a draughtsman holds him in good stead with his precisely drawn works in pen and ink. As a self-taught artist, Mark’s inspiration for his series of works comes from the beauty and distinct personality of birds, their sense of freedom and duality of awkwardness and elegance. 

Blanche Fryer’s multi-faceted creative career in ceramics, crafts and painting are often combined into her individual pieces, bringing a sense of humour to her work. Blanche’s inspiration comes from the birdlife in her backyard of Southbridge and the joy it brings, leaving her counting her blessings and highlighting the importance of respecting our environment.  

Tricia Hewlett works predominantly in graphite, building layer upon layer to create the lights and darks that recreate features and forms. Surrounded by the Hinewai Reserve, Banks Peninsula, Tricia is inspired by the birds and critters she interacts with daily on the wildlife sanctuary.  

David Lloyd has been creating since he emigrated to New Zealand in 1972 from England, with metal work skills forming his sculptures, mainly in copper. David’s inspiration comes from his dismay at the lack of birdsong in our forests and our native bird populations dwindling due to introduced predators and farming and urbanisation. 


Janie Porter is known for her work in portraiture, landscape and birds. While working in various mediums, usually a palette knife, she is constantly experimenting with transparency and form. Janie has lived almost her entire life near the sea, currently Banks Peninsula and has loved and observed birds since she was a child.


Henry Turner works across gouache, sculpture and printmaking. Henry’s current pursuit is based upon the idea that from time to time it is necessary to look further than one can see. Then again, at other times it is also necessary to look at what is around you, or what is very close for these things are often overlooked or assigned no significance in our scheme of things or our pantheon of deities (these are often dubious). 

Interested in exhibiting at Te Huanui?


Our Gallery Committee plans the gallery programme every year in August and invite applications from both emerging and established artists for approximately month-long exhibitions.

Fees for exhibitions do vary on the number of artists, a sample schedule can be provided on request. Te Huanui commission is 28.5% (25% plus GST), pricing supplied to the gallery should be inclusive of this.

Check out our Application Form for an exhibition.

If you’re not keen on a month-long exhibition, Gallery 2 might be for you. Artist members s can supply as many works as they like! To exhibit in Gallery 2, you’ll need to complete an Artist Membership form. Gallery 2 also has a 28.5% commission, so pricing will need to include this.


If you’d like to join Te Huanui in either Gallery 1 or Gallery 2, contact Katrina at mcac.arts@gmail.com

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