Explore the “Tiny Treasures” on show at Te Huanui as the first of three 40 Years of Darfield Artweek celebration exhibitions opens from 6pm, Friday, 26 March. Popular and previous prize winners of Darfield Artweek were invited to exhibit works no larger than 210mm x 297mm in their chosen medium. Artists exhibiting in “Tiny Treasures” include: Del Lowe, David Waterman, Ben Groters, Asako Ridgen, David Choi, Rob Lawrence and Georgia Hubbard-Hinterleitner.

David Waterman joins Tiny Treasures with his distinctive style familiar to Darfield Artweek followers as, as the 2020 Premier Award winner. David is currently developing works based on Canterbury Plains and landscape including a variety of texture and colour.

Del Lowe grew up surrounded by nature and animals, so it is of no surprise that her art has evolved to specialise in animals, especially horses. Del works in oils, watercolour, graphite and coloured pencils, giving viewers a glimpse of a moment in time.

Georgia Hubbard-Hinterleitner works in a range of mediums from acrylic paint to powder dye on pressed paper, enjoying the evolving nature of art and referencing past movements. Georgia enjoys styles from Baroque to Greco-Roman to incorporate in modern art styles and techniques through her work.

Asako Ridgen first came to New Zealand as an exchange student to Darfield High School, later returning and living in Dunedin where she joined a local art group and finding her love of printmaking. Asako enjoys the technical side of printmaking, carefully designing artworks that she hopes will make people smile.

Rob Lawrence has been an avid birder since youth and took up photography in the 70s but more seriously in the last 15 years. Rob loves to photograph birds and enjoys the challenge that New Zealand’s indigenous birdlife brings to his medium.

David Choi works primarily in black pen but does experiment using colour. David favours contrasting ideas in his art, such as mixing nature with technology alongside his interest of architecture and vehicles.

Ben Groters has a strong background in agriculture and a passion for the outdoors. Ben works with fine tipped ink pen creating landscape and hunting scenes from his adventures through New Zealand’s back country. His work is inspired by black and white photographs, often with plenty of detail and contrast.

Interested in exhibiting at Te Huanui?


Our Gallery Committee plans the gallery programme every year in August and invite applications from both emerging and established artists for approximately month-long exhibitions.

Fees for exhibitions do vary on the number of artists, a sample schedule can be provided on request. Te Huanui commission is 28.5% (25% plus GST), pricing supplied to the gallery should be inclusive of this.

Check out our Application Form for an exhibition.

If you’re not keen on a month-long exhibition, Gallery 2 might be for you. Artist members s can supply as many works as they like! To exhibit in Gallery 2, you’ll need to complete an Artist Membership form. Gallery 2 also has a 28.5% commission, so pricing will need to include this.


If you’d like to join Te Huanui in either Gallery 1 or Gallery 2, contact Katrina at mcac.arts@gmail.com

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