Te Huanui is delighted to be re-opening Friday, 29 May with “Through the Lens”, featuring photography by John Maillard, Rob Lawrence, Georgia Hendrie, Erin Grigson and Hunter White, as well as the iconic wooden sculpture of Andrew Lyons.

Georgia Hendrie has a love for all things rural and exploring all sorts of places, with photography becoming a big part of her every-day life. She finds the ability to show off what our beautiful New Zealand has to offer very rewarding. 


Georgia’s work is a small sample of the photographs she has taken throughout her travels, with a wide range available at georgiahendriephotography.com as well as availability for commissions.


John Maillard experiments with printmaking, drawing, interactive digital media and photography. He is primarily a landscape photographer, describing his work as “a synthesis repose to the environment, a story of the land.”

John has specialised in documenting people and landscapes. For the past 18 years, he has been studying New Zealand landscapes and in particular the culture of rural New Zealand, assembling a body of work which will re lect his love for this country. John has worked as a photographer in many countries around the world, notably, the Gambia and West Africa, the United States and Europe.

Erin Grigson is an American photographer based in Darfield. She has been a professional photographer since 2014, but was an amateur for many years before.

She photographs all sorts of people and places. From weddings to sports, newborns to scenery, Erin covers it all, founding her New Zealand branch of her photography business, Art by EG at the end of 2018.

Erin wishes to tell stories through photography, whether it’s about a person’s life or nature. She believes that the viewer translates that image into something more than pixels on a page.

Andrew Lyons is an award winning artist who lives in Christchurch where he owns and operates the Heathcote Valley Gallery.

Andrew works in a variety of mediums but is best known for his animal wood carvings and sculptured touch bowls inspired by nature’s shapes. He likes to use recycled materials wherever possible, many of the pieces in this exhibition are made from timber salvaged from ruined buildings of Canterbury earthquakes.  

Andrew’s works are in collections throughout New Zealand and many other countries.


Rob Lawrence arrived in New Zealand from Oregon over 36 years ago, having taken up photography in the 1970s but only seriously in the last 15 years.

Birds and particularly seabirds are amongst his favourite topics, presenting many photographic challenges.  He has found that New Zealand has a very unique indigenous avian fauna. Sadly nearly 60 species of NZ native birds are extinct due to human activities through direct extermination, habitat destruction, and the introduction of predators. Despite this, he sees it as beautiful country for photography.

Hunter White has been exhibiting his photography since he was 12 years old, participating in numerous exhibitions and receiving a merit award at Darfield Artweek.

Long exposure landscapes and cityscapes are among Hunter’s preferred subject matter. He is now studying automotive engineering at the Southern Institute of Technology where he has discovered a new interest in portraiture and car photography.

“Through the Lens” will run from 11am, Friday, 29 May until 1pm, Thursday, 25 June and while we won’t be celebrating with our usual official opening event, our generous volunteers are back on-board Wednesday – Friday, 11am – 2pm and Saturday – Sunday, 10am-4pm. We look forward to seeing you back in the gallery.

Interested in exhibiting at Te Huanui?


Our Gallery Committee plans the gallery programme every year in August and invite applications from both emerging and established artists for approximately month-long exhibitions.

Fees for exhibitions do vary on the number of artists, a sample schedule can be provided on request. Te Huanui commission is 28.5% (25% plus GST), pricing supplied to the gallery should be inclusive of this.

Check out our Application Form for an exhibition.

If you’re not keen on a month-long exhibition, Gallery 2 might be for you. Artist members s can supply as many works as they like! To exhibit in Gallery 2, you’ll need to complete an Artist Membership form. Gallery 2 also has a 28.5% commission, so pricing will need to include this.


If you’d like to join Te Huanui in either Gallery 1 or Gallery 2, contact Katrina at mcac.arts@gmail.com

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