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You’ll walk away from brightened and enlightened from Te Huanui’s June exhibition “Between Mountains and Sea”. Thought provoking perspectives from painters Heather Jonson, Helen Langen and Juliet Neill are accompanied by photographs by Raewyn Murray. Between Mountains and Sea opens from 6pm, Friday, 29 May and runs until Thursday, 24 June.

Heather Jonson’s works highlight her evolving and wide-ranging arts practice, having last seen surreal abstract style at Te Huanui in 2019, she has moved onto floral subject matter, in her signature bold, bright style.

Heather’s artistic range from expressionism to traditional and contemporary Maori Art and Craft and she has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand, winning numerous awards.

Helen Langen, a tutor at the Malvern School of Music, completed her first painting in 2018 following a 30 year hiatus, taking up fellow exhibitor Juliet Neill’s offer to share studio space, enjoying her return to her artistic journey.

One of Helen’s projects on her return to painting is her “Broken Land Triptych”. Living near  Hororata on the Harper Hills, Helen watched for many years in horror as surrounding land was treated with huge disrespect. Over the intervening years she also become aware that these hills are a special  place to local iwi. All three paintings feature the ridge line of the Harper Hills. It her my view that land should be cherished as the valuable resource it is and that any damage to it should be fixed.

Lyttelton based artist Juliet Neill’s career has largely been based in performing arts, both teaching and performing, with a good portion as a puppeteer. Juliet was commissioned to make giant puppets and masks for the Lyttelton Festival of Lights between 2007 and 2014, leading her work to move into 3D art as well as painting.

Much of Juliet’s art incorporates an element of protest, about human folly, and how that impacts on the state of the world and our environment whilst often throwing in a little humour to soften the blow.

Christchurch based photographer Raewyn Murray is rarely seen without her camera in fear of missing any photo opportunity. One of her biggest accomplishments was photographing all four of her daughters, participating in separate events, at the same time, on the same day!

Now, Raewyn loves all kinds of photography from family photo shoots to weddings, sports to festivals and everything in between.

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