Making an Impression


“Making an Impression”, Te Huanui’s upcoming exhibition, highlights the technigue and skill of printmakers Nadine Meyer, Katrina Perano, Soon-Lee Spicer and Margaret White alongside potter Bev Jones. Opening from 6pm, Friday, 28 August, there’s certain to be style and subject matter that will delight all viewers.

Nadine Meyer moved to New Zealand from Germany five years ago, bringing simple tools with her and rediscovering her love of printmaking.

Nadine’s latest series is inspired by nature, trees and plants and are combinations of drypoint printing techniques, aiming to make invisible traces of nature within her environment visible.

Katrina Perano works in a variety of mediums from her Banks Peninsula studio, never bored and always busy creating.

Katrina always wanted to be a zoologist as a child, now as an animal artist, she studies animals to her hearts content, creating an entertaining and engaging series of prints.

Soon-Lee Spicer took up printmaking as a hobby five years ago, after leaving her career as a lawyer, she now sells her own artworks alongside hosting classes for adults and children regularly.

Soon-Lee finds art to be a powerful way to engage with her environment – the beauty of a rhododendron, or the strength of a shearer, enjoying the challenge of the highly controlled yet unpredictable nature of working with linocuts.

Margaret White has been honing her skills in linocut and drypoint printing for several years, creating limited edition original hand-pulled prints.

Margaret is inspired by the New Zealand landscape and more recently has become known for her printed works on teabags, a challenge that has involved the wider community in her art practice.

Bev Jones has a long-held interest in pottery, learning to pot and establish a home studio 40 years ago while also running a floristry business.

Bev enjoys creating domestic ware alongside quirky one-off pieces, she’s well known for her love of teapots and her creative and colourful totem poles.

“Making an Impression” runs from Friday, 28 August – Thursday, 24 September 2020.

Interested in exhibiting at Te Huanui?


Our Gallery Committee plans the gallery programme every year in August and invite applications from both emerging and established artists for approximately month-long exhibitions.

Fees for exhibitions do vary on the number of artists, a sample schedule can be provided on request. Te Huanui commission is 28.5% (25% plus GST), pricing supplied to the gallery should be inclusive of this.

Check out our Application Form for an exhibition.

If you’re not keen on a month-long exhibition, Gallery 2 might be for you. Artist members s can supply as many works as they like! To exhibit in Gallery 2, you’ll need to complete an Artist Membership form. Gallery 2 also has a 28.5% commission, so pricing will need to include this.


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