Interwoven, Te Huanui’s exhibition for the month of May, highlights connections among our artists, their surroundings and those in it and the Selwyn District. Featuring photography by Jason Berge, paintings by his daughter Maddie Berge and glassworks by Colleen Eason, Lorraine Natusch and Vanja Venrooy. 


Christchurch based artist Colleen Eason comes to Te Huanui with an extensive background in the arts sector. Colleen’s initial arts practice was in sculpture and printmaking, current works are in cast glass.


As part of her studying in cast glass under co-exhibitor Lorraine Natusch, Colleen’s beehives cast in gaffer glass in a mixture of colours reference factors affecting our macro ecologies. 


Vanja Venrooy’s passion for glass began with a short course in stained glass windows 20 years ago, much later finding glass fusing. 


Self-taught in fusing, Vanja runs her creative business Roxtar Glass Art. Initially her focus was on small functional pieces such as plates and bowls alongside jewellery. Recently she has transitioned her focus from craft to art, elevating her creations “off the table” and onto the wall or shelf. Inspired by glass tapestry techniques tp create designs and patterns a little outside of the box. 


Jaons Berge moved to Selwyn from Auckland six years ago for a change of pace. As a professional photographer, he also takes photographs in his spare time. 


Being new to the region, Jason has been exploring and documenting rural architecture before it disappears (at least two of the buildings in the exhibition are now gone). Finding interesting subjects in various states of decay has become an ongoing project before history makes way in the name of project. 


Maddy Berge moved to Darfield six years ago, enjoying creating artwork at Darfield High School before entering Ilam School of Fine Arts. Maddie’s works are from a serious in her second year of the painting program, exploring the relationship/juxtaposition between things considered grotesque and things considered beautiful. 


Lorraine Natusch has been casting glass for 18 years, now based out of her grandfather’s historically listed stables turned studio, in Darfield. 


Lorraine has studied art and design along with glass casting, continuing to develop her techniques in her evolving practice. Her works for Interwoven feature works from her “Home is Where the Heart is” journey, mushrooms developed from her well known red Amarita Muscaria, alongside other current pieces. 


Interwoven opens on Friday, 29 April and runs until Thursday, 26 May. We are currently not holding openings at the gallery but intend to in the near future. 

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